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My name is Heidi Dimmick. I have been a professional educator since 2004. I have taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and I currently teach third grade. I have a dual major Bachelors Degree in elementary and early childhood education from Utah Valley University and a Masters Degree from Southern Utah University. I have endorsements in both technology and elementary art integration.

I have been a facilitator for Brigham Young University’s Arts Integration Endorsement (AIE) program since 2019. I have worked with over 50 teachers just like you who are integrating the arts in their classrooms.

I have presented at The Learning Edge Conference on the connection between integrating visual arts and Acadience reading growth scores. I have presented at Arts Express conferences and will be presenting again this year. I have been a featured guest on BYU Arts Partnership's Artful Teaching Podcast (listen below). I am a member of the Springville Museum of Art's StateWide Art Partnership (SWAP) committee.

My goal in sharing my story and experiences is to help teachers, parents, and caregivers, who have never thought of themselves as artists, get ideas and tools to help them integrate the arts into the teaching of their students and children.

If you find anything that I share to be useful please share your experience with others.

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