Arts Integration In Your Classroom

How integrating the arts helps students succeed in the classroom.

Helping teachers, parents, and caregivers get the ideas, tools, and resources they need to integrate the arts into the teaching of their students and children.

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About Heidi Dimmick

Heidi Dimmick is a master teacher who integrates the arts in her third grade classroom. She is a facilitator for the BYU USBE Arts Integration Endorsement. She has presented at multiple teaching events and conferences.

Arts Integration Membership

Each lesson plan comes complete with a written outline of how to integrate the art with your core subject lessons; photos, audio, and/or video demonstrations to help guide you; and printable assets for your own use, or to share with your students.

Two Lesson Plans Each Month

Pay only $7.97 per month and receive two new lesson plans each month and access to all previous month's lesson plans. During the summer months you will receive bonus lesson plans and art projects to help prepare you for the next school year.

Come Join Us

Join our growing community of teachers, parents, and caregivers who are bringing the arts to their classrooms and homes through integrated teaching of math, science, writing, reading, and social studies. Share your successes and lessons learned with all of us, we'd love to hear how you're integrating the arts in your teaching.

Arts Integration Curriculum

Integrated the arts into your reading, writing, and language arts curriculum.

Integrated the arts into your math and science curriculum.

Integrating the arts into your reading, writing, language arts, math, science, social studies and other core subjects.

Integrating the arts into your core curriculum increases critical thinking skills and helps struggling students succeed.

What are members saying?

As I've gone through this program, I've started weaving the arts into my everyday instruction more. I'm having more fun teaching, my students are having more fun learning, and I'm getting excited about what I get to learn next. Teaching arts is not as hard as I thought it would be. ~Rachel, 1st Grade

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